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First Time User? - Start Here!

Nik Peran
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User Guide


Asking Questions

[1] Before posting a new question please search to see
if information about your topic has already been covered.
[2] To create a new question or topic, first click on one of the categories that you see when the page first loads. Eg, if you want to know about building your website click on the Comfy Page link. This keeps the content organized.
[3] Once you are in the appropriate section click on the + New Topic link.
[4] Summarize your question in the Subject line.
[5] Enter details into the Message box. The more specifics you can give the easier someone can help you.
[6] Check the "Alert me by email" box so you'll be notified when someone responds.

Responding To Questions

[1] Navigate to the topic (question) you wish to respond to and click on its headline to open it up.
[2] Click on the Reply link located at the top of the topic's text.
[3] Continue as you would in steps 3 – 5 above.

Be A Good Net Citizen

[1] It goes without saying but any defamatory, derogatory, insulting or offensive content will be deleted.
[2] Everyone is a learner - even the experts. Don't be afraid to ask 'basic' questions. It's very likely someone else has a similar challenge or will have in the future.
[3] When responding to questions (replying to topics) always be encouraging. Personal judgements are not helpful and will be moderated. Remember, it's a beginners forum.
[4] Help organize content by always posting in the correct section. If your question doesn't fit into any available categories put it into General Topics.
Nik Peran :: Hyperlink Studio